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Some Updates

Well, my new year has started off great so far. Currently, I have a three month internship for Bleacher Report (sports) as an editor and I am writing for Collider (movies) on the side. That means that I am busy throughout the day, and I am still in search of a part time job as well. However, I haven’t forgotten about this site and do apologize for the lack of recent updates. From here on, you will see a post a day, at least. Additionally, I will be starting something brand new for 2010.

I have a Netflix membership and as I continue to discuss films with friends and family, something has come up with a higher frequency than beforeā€”I haven’t seen a ton of classic films. Even some non-classics, like “Grandma’s Boy,” have come up over and over. So, what you will see is a planned daily review of a film. I will use Netflix to help accomplish this goal as I watch classics and contemporary hits through DVD/Blu-ray or Instant Watch.

In fact, I am starting this awesome trend today with “Citizen Kane”.

See you in a few hours.


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Jeff Bridges’ Making Of ‘Iron Man’ Photography


Jeff Bridges is one of my favorite actors. Having starred as The Dude in “The Big Lebowski”, he will always pique my interest in any film he stars. Bridges’ contributions to film far exceeds mere comedic performances though, and he apparently has a hidden talent/hobby: black and white photography. Oh, how my high school photography teacher would be proud.

During the filming of “Iron Man”, Bridges decided to start photographing and the result is phenomenal. B&W photography captures something that color film just can’t. There is an air that the lack of color gives to any picture you take, enhancing the image beyond just reality and what is there and showing us a unique perspective. Even the most futuristic of technology looks like it was from a steam-punk universe.

Bridges has put together an entire album of pictures he took during Iron Man and I urge you to explore his work here.

For a few other choice images, join me after the break.

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Gotta’ See: Christopher Walken Reads Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’

Now, this video doesn’t have alot to do with film, but because it features Christopher Walken being hilarious, I am posting it anyways. The video is of Walken reading the lyrics to Lady Gaga’s inescapable hit “Poker Face”. Also, after the jump, there is an even funnier video of Walken reading the “Three Little Pigs” from years ago.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Weekend Trip: See You On Tuesday

I am making a weekend trip to Kentucky over the Labor Day weekend. I might update some breakin’ news if I have time, but don’t count on it. If you can’t wait, check http://www.cinematical.com or www. slashfilm.com as they are excellent blogs for movie news.


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Some Updates

Okay, so the blog is rolling right now and I’d like to let everyone know that in the future I will have features sprinkled in throughout each month. In fact, I know the first recurring feature will be headed your way on Tuesday, the first of September.

What will happen on that day? Well, it’s a feature called “New Month Montage” that will showcase all of the upcoming films for that month with lots of photos. I will detail each main character with a healthy amount of photos, let you know if the film is a wide release or limited, and give you plot details that are spoiler free (cuz we all want to know what that brand new film is that everyone is talking about). Of course I will give you the release dates, as well.

For now, stay tuned for more movie news.

-Bill G

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First post

Well, this is a brand new blog I have created to focus on keeping my skills as a writer fresh and to flex my muscles a bit. This blog will focus on the film industry, and provide the facts and then my take on things. Hopefully this will catch on. I have big plans and hopefully will keep up with things.

Here is to the future and beyond!


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