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Breakin’ News: ‘Iron Man 2’ Poster, War Machine Revealed

Yahoo! Movies got the exclusive “Iron Man 2” poster a few hours ago, and I have taken the time (seconds) to cut the image of the poster and post it here.

Not much to say beyond the “news” that star Robert Downey Jr. had a hand in the script of the second Iron Man film. RDJ made no secret about his involvement in the first film, so hearing he had a hand in the second film’s script is not surprising at all. Clearly the film hits theaters on May 7, 2010. Can’t wait.


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Breakin’ News: Greengrass Quits Bourne 4?


The Playlist is reporting that Paul Greengrass has become fed up with Universal and has “quit” the fourth Bourne film. I can’t vouch for The Playlist nor their sources, but a number of other movie blogs have jumped on the news. So take it for what you will.

Apparently it stems from growing budget concerns from Universal’s project with Greengrass called “Green Zone” which has gone over budget and is still in editing. Meanwhile, George Nolfi was tasked with scripting the fourth film, having previously co-wrote “The Bourne Ultimatum”. However, after being stuck in development for a few years, Universal had Joshua Zetumer develop a “parallel” script without getting approval from Greengrass, which further upset him.

Where this leaves the untitled Bourne film is anyone’s guess, and The Playlist even mentions this might just be more of the same from Greengrass, leaving the door open for him to return.

Personally, I felt the last Bourne film, “Ultimatum” was the best yet, and many others felt similarly. The franchise started with “The Bourne Identity” in 2002 by Doug Liman while Greengrass took over with 2004’s “The Bourne Supremacy” and returned for 2007’s “Ultimatum”.

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Makin’ Bank: ‘Twilight’ Nearly Toppled From ‘The Blind Side’

Early estimates are in, and they show that “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” ($42.5 million) was almost overtaken by holdover “The Blind Side” ($40.1 million) during the holiday weekend. The crazed fans of sparkling vampires made “New Moon” a recording-breaking hit on opening day last weekend, smashing records with $72.7 million on it’s first day in release.

The fan base also proved it was extremely anxious  for the second film, as the sequel broke midnight showings records with $26.3 million. However, just like the sun during a real twilight, the film fizzled out and fell over 40 percent Friday-to-Saturday.

Follow me after the break for the complete breakdown and impressions. Continue reading

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Ponderin’: Why ‘Avatar’ Will Be PG-13


Amidst rumors of James Cameron’s “Avatar” and its blossoming budget (over half-a-billion!?), I would like to make a point. The film doesn’t even have a rating yet. However, even thinking there is a remote possibility that it gets an R rating would be pretty wild. Hit the jump to read why. Continue reading

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Gotta’ See Trailers: Jeff Bridges In ‘Crazy Heart’

I expressed my admiration of Jeff Bridges recently and how I look to him as an actor that can elevate my interest level in a film. Well, along comes “Crazy Heart”, a film about a worn-down country music singer who hasn’t caught alot of breaks and it stars none other than Jeff Bridges as the endearing Bad Blake. Filling in the cast around Bridges are Maggie Gyllenhaal, Robert Duvall, and even Colin Ferrell. Scott Cooper will make his directorial debut while he also penned the script.

Fox Searchlight, who also brought us another worn-down, beat up aging man tale in last year’s “The Wrestler”, will distribute the film starting on December 11 to qualify for the Oscars this pic is likely to contend for.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thanks to Film School Rejects for the video.

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Makin’ Bank: ‘Paranormal’ Soars Past $100 Million


The cast of "Paranormal" has plenty to smile about

To call “Paranormal Activity” a success would be a gross understatement. This past week, according to Box Office Mojo, the Paramount distributed micro-budget film continued its hot streak at theaters. The film, since premiering in 13 college towns with only midnight showings, has become a hit.

“Paranormal” rode a wave of buzz including an innovative “Demand It” campaign in which people could “demand” the film to come to their area. Based on this, Paramount unveiled a rolling slate of releases in the top “demanded” areas of the country and after seeing success, challenged movie goers. If they could summon one million “demands”, they would release the film nation wide.

In just a few short days, the public responded and the goal was well exceeded. Now, in its eighth week, the film has managed to bring in $103,847,000 dollars total.

When you consider the film was made for around $11,000 dollars (again, reports still vary), this is a monumental achievement. So it comes as no surprise that the writer, director, and editor of the film, Oren Peli, will be making a another shaky-cam movie.

Called “Area 51”, we can assume the subject will focus on the infamous military base in Nevada. If you haven’t seen “Paranormal” yet, it is fantastic. In my review I pointed out that you should go in with an open mind instead of challenging the film to scare you, but you will likely enjoy the film regardless. Just remember that the film starts slow, but builds to an intense third act.

“Paranormal” is not just a commercial success either, as its current 85% fresh rating (130 reviews) on Rotten Tomatoes proves, it is also a critical darling. Let this be a lesson to the major studios. If you make a solid film, no matter the budget, and capitalize on word of mouth and the internet, you can earn a lot of money.

Now, prepare movie fans, as we are bombarded with a number of copy-cat films. Oh, and look for the DVD in the coming months, which should be a fantastic film to watch late at night with a group of friends.

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Jeff Bridges’ Making Of ‘Iron Man’ Photography


Jeff Bridges is one of my favorite actors. Having starred as The Dude in “The Big Lebowski”, he will always pique my interest in any film he stars. Bridges’ contributions to film far exceeds mere comedic performances though, and he apparently has a hidden talent/hobby: black and white photography. Oh, how my high school photography teacher would be proud.

During the filming of “Iron Man”, Bridges decided to start photographing and the result is phenomenal. B&W photography captures something that color film just can’t. There is an air that the lack of color gives to any picture you take, enhancing the image beyond just reality and what is there and showing us a unique perspective. Even the most futuristic of technology looks like it was from a steam-punk universe.

Bridges has put together an entire album of pictures he took during Iron Man and I urge you to explore his work here.

For a few other choice images, join me after the break.

Continue reading

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‘The Experiment’ Looking For A Buyer, First Images


I doubt they will be getting a tip for this haircut.

Bloody Disgusting has provided three high quality pictures from the upcoming remake of Oliver Hirschbiegel‘s “Das Experiment” from 2001. “The Experiment” stars Adrien Brody, Forest Whitaker, Clifton Collins Jr., Cam Gigandet and Maggie Grace to round out an ensemble cast. Both films are based around the “Stanford Prison Experiment” from the 1970s that Dr. Philip Zambardo conducted. The synopsis of the experiment from his own website dedicated to the discussion and effects is after the jump along with the two other pictures, director information and possible release date. Continue reading

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Gotta See Trailers: Five Minute Episode From ‘A Town Called Panic’


First, let me say that the clip below is nothing new. In fact, it is over six years old. The creators, Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar, decided to take their film series “Panique au village” aka “A Town Called Panic” and make it into the film of the same name, “Panique au village”. I caught wind of it from the Fantastic Fest awards given out this year. In fact, every award given was to a non-mainstream film, so it is a great way to hear about some smaller films.

Anyways, onto the movie.  If you can’t tell already, this isn’t an English language TV series nor film. There are dubs, and the below clip is a dub, but because the animation appears to be a mixture of claymation and stopmotion, the dub shouldn’t matter too much. For the trailer, it is subtitled. I have heard that people prefer the original voices with subtitles, but I think it is great either way. So, lalalalalalalalalalala.

The show and film follow the adventures of Horse, Cowboy, and Indian. In the film, Cowboy and Indian forget that it is Horse’s birthday, so they rush to get him a present. Oh NO! Well, I’ll stop there, because really, it is better to watch. After the clip, I have a trailer for the actual film as well. The TV series can be found on atom.com. The film should at least hit video or a limited run of theaters on Dec. 16th in the US. Enjoy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Big shout out to Cinematical for making me aware of the film. I can’t wait to see it.

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Breakin’ News: ‘Thor’ To Begin Filming In January, Mortals Weep


Production Weekly (a pay-to-view service for production schedules on films) posted on twitter that filming on Marvel’s “Thor” is set to begin “mid-January” in LA and will move to New Mexico from “March till late-April”.

If you haven’t kept up with the latest Marvel comic book film, “Thor” will be directed by Kenneth Branagh with Chris Hemsworth (Captain Kirk’s father in J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek”) playing the Norse god and alter-ego Donald Blake. Along side Hemsworth will be Natalie Portman as Jane Foster (a friend to Blake), Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Tom Hiddleston as the god of chaos Loki.

The official description so far is below.

“The movie’s story sees the god of thunder Thor, a powerful but arrogant warrior whose reckless actions re-ignite an ancient war. As punishment, Thor is cast down to Earth and forced to live among humans. Once here, he learns what it takes to be a true hero when the most dangerous villain of his world sends dark forces of Asgard to invade Earth.”

This puts the film on track for the planned May 20, 2011 release. Look for production images and footage in the next six months.

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