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ZOMBIELAND Scribes Talk Sequel…In 3-D!

Time to nut up, or shut up

Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese have been quite the hit lately, coming on board for the upcoming Deadpool film and the G.I. Joe sequel, but they haven’t forgotten their first love—Zombieland. Just released on DVD and Blu-ray last week, the hilarious zombie romp is powered by a spot-on performance by Woody Harrelson as Tallahassee, and has a great cast around him as well.

The sequel is already in the works, and with all of the principal cast, director, and writers on board, and this time the film will be in 3-D. They spoke with MTV recently to discuss their plans, including adding a love interest for Tallahassee, and you better get ready for some flying fluids. More after the jump.

“We entirely want to write with 3-D in mind,” Wernick told MTV. Reese added, “We want you to be looking down at your popcorn to make sure there isn’t blood on it. There will be a lot of fluids flying!”

Meanwhile, the theme of young Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) growing up in the world of Zombieland will be back, so we can look forward to more fun in that sense. The first film did okay at the box office ($75.6 million domestic), but shattered the record for a zombie flick. Why it didn’t do better still puzzles me. I mean, the film had zombies being shot, kicked, and pummeled in almost every manner by a great cast, all in a funny, R-rated package.


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