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Nolan Working On DARK KNIGHT Sequel, SUPERMAN

Christopher Nolan, more god than man in many fans’ eyes, is reportedly working on the planned rehash of Superman by WB, while his brother (Jonathan Nolan) and frequent collaborator (David S. Goyer) are carefully crafting ideas for the next Batman film, according to Deadline. Now, let’s get two things straight: Nolan hasn’t signed on to direct either of the films, and he hasn’t signed on for anything involving the possible sequel to The Dark Knight.

However, these are steps in the right direction, and Nolan’s involvement in the next Superman film can only benefit it, directing or not. The sources for Deadline state that Nolan isn’t likely to direct the next Supes flick, but his edgy, gritty little mitts are likely to show up all over the film in its production qualities. Remember that Nolan likes to base things more in reality and get away from the campier take that many comic-book adaptations take.

I can see a healthy balance of the past Superman flicks and the more gruff comics version in terms of tone for the next film. The movie will also have nothing to do with the Bryan Singer adaptation of a few years back, so stay tuned.


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