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“Green Street Hooligans” is a violent tale about the soccer firms (gangs, hooligans, etc.) that surround English soccer teams and showcases great performances by its two leads that manages to be informative to a degree while also entertaining. Loosely based around the real life firms, this fictional tale of an outsider that has an unlikely in with the Green Street Elites feels much longer than its sub-two-hour running time, but ultimately feels fresh and shocking. Not so much about soccer as it a tale of detailing why the firms fight other firms and the bond formed between them.


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Miramax To Slowly Die Away

The Wrap is reporting that Miramax has run its course and was finally buried today. While that is sad, it is good to know that they will still be operating in a much smaller fashion under Walt Disney Studios. Some of the Miramax notables include Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Chicago, Sling Blade, Good Will Hunting, The English Patient, Clerks, and many more. That is an outstanding stable of films, but it appears the gambles that didn’t pay off had sunk the company to the point of no return. However, many still think that the brand will live on in some fashion, but who knows when they will return to their former glory, if ever. Even the Weinsteins wanted to buy the name, but couldn’t afford the $1.5 billion pricetag that came with the company outright.

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Breakin’ News: AVATAR Sinks TITANIC

AVATAR is flying high

That’s right boys and girls, we have a new king of the worldwide boxoffice gross, and it goes by the name of Avatar. Now, the funny thing is, James Cameron actually made both films. That means, combined, his gamut of movies have easily made over $3 billion in worldwide boxoffice gross. Didn’t like Avatar? Well, you clearly are in the minority, as Monday night (tonight) saw Avatar hurdle the $1,843,201,268 Titanic grossed in 1997, according the The Hollywood Reporter.

The biggest question going in was whether Cameron’s huge gamble would pay off—the film was rumored to have cost over $500 million dollars, and to have at least been around $350 million. He invited folks to drop more money than normal to experience a brand-new franchise (make no mistake, there will be more and it was always planned with that intention) and jump into a 2.5+ hour 3-D film with little to no familiarity with much of the cast. Guess what? It worked.  To read my full thoughts and what the “Avatar effect” is, hit the jump. Continue reading

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Breakin’ News: “The Hobbit” Likely Delayed Til 2012

Variety just posted an article about New Line and there is a juicy nugget about “The Hobbit”.

[WB Prexy Alan] Horn won’t predict when the first of the two Hobbit films will be out, but says the most probable scenario would be a release in the fourth quarter of 2012.

That is a full year after the planned December 2011 release for the first of the two-part series. This is still largely up in the air at this point, but ugh. I just hope they get made soon.

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The Daily Cinema: “Frankenstein”

“Frankenstein”, the black and white 70 minute horror film originally released in 1931, is a stirring and intense flick that showcases the sheer insanity of Dr. Frankenstein as he creates his infamous re-animated creature that goes on an absolute tear. Although the length means large portions of Marry Shelley’s outstanding novel are left out, the heart of the story and it’s ability to sell a creature that is truly unmanageable is brought to life by Boris Karloff in his famous turn as “the monster.”

For the full review, hit the jump. Continue reading

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Interestin’ News: Galifianakis, Rudd Reteam For “Will”, Written By Demetri Martin

Zach Galifianakis and Paul Rudd’s first film together, “Dinner for Schmucks,” hasn’t even released yet, but already the duo will team up again for the Demetri Martin penned “Will,” according to THR.

The story follows an ordinary guy (Rudd) who lives in a world where people’s lives and destinies are being written by scribes in Heaven. The man wakes up one day to find that his heavenly writer (Galifianakis) has decided to no longer draft his life, and he must go about his day unscripted, ending up on a journey to fulfill his hidden potential.

Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris will co-direct. Their last project together was “Little Miss Sunshine,” a humorous and touching tale.

‘Schmucks’ actually has an impressive cast. Directed by Jay Roach, who helmed the Austin Powers and Meet the Parents franchises, ‘Schmucks’ will star Galifianakis, Rudd, Steve Carrell, and Jemaine Clement.

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Interestin’ News: Vera Farmiga, Michelle Monaghan A Part Of Duncan Jones’ “Source Code”

Duncan Jones is making waves despite his relative lack of experience. Not since Rian Johnson grabbed an outstanding cast for his second feature film, “The Brothers Bloom,” have we seen a director grab this kind of a cast for only his second film. However, that is what happens when you create a great debut film.

Vera Farmiga and Michelle Monaghan are in negotiations to star alongside Jack Gyllenhaal in Jones’ “Source Code,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. For plot details, hit the jump. Continue reading

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The Daily Cinema: “Night of the Living Dead”

“Night of the Living Dead” is a classic horror film that is newer than one might think. Filmed in 1968, George A. Romero’s classic is black and white and low-budget. However, the film does hold up relatively well, and showcases the old-school zombies—you know, the ones that stumble around and move slow.

For the full review, hit the jump.

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The Daily Cinema: “Daybreakers”

“Daybreakers” is a smarter than expected twist on the vampire genre that provides an interesting premise with a ton of stylistic violence and a rich world that outperforms the small budget with expert acting, but the film starts to lose steam as it comes to its sudden climax and gives the  feeling that this could have been so much more. However, the Spierig brothers certainly show the vampire mythology is far from being buried in the grave.

Join me for the full review after the jump. Continue reading

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Interestin’ News: Mark Strong In Talks For Sinestro In “Green Lantern”

Yesterday, I reported on an article by Drew over at HitFix and how he mentioned that after making some calls, it appeared that Jackie Earle Haley was the front runner without even audition for the role of Sinestro. However, that was completely debunked last night, as director Martin Campbell told MTV, “No, That’s completely wrong.”

“In fact, we’re in negotiations with Mark Strong to play Sinestro.”

For full details, including which key characters will be making an appearance in the film, hit the jump. Continue reading

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