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Breakin’ News: AVATAR Sinks TITANIC

AVATAR is flying high

That’s right boys and girls, we have a new king of the worldwide boxoffice gross, and it goes by the name of Avatar. Now, the funny thing is, James Cameron actually made both films. That means, combined, his gamut of movies have easily made over $3 billion in worldwide boxoffice gross. Didn’t like Avatar? Well, you clearly are in the minority, as Monday night (tonight) saw Avatar hurdle the $1,843,201,268 Titanic grossed in 1997, according the The Hollywood Reporter.

The biggest question going in was whether Cameron’s huge gamble would pay off—the film was rumored to have cost over $500 million dollars, and to have at least been around $350 million. He invited folks to drop more money than normal to experience a brand-new franchise (make no mistake, there will be more and it was always planned with that intention) and jump into a 2.5+ hour 3-D film with little to no familiarity with much of the cast. Guess what? It worked.  To read my full thoughts and what the “Avatar effect” is, hit the jump.

So, what do we have now? Welcome to the “Avatar effect”. More and more films have been announced in the 3-D format, and many films already in the can or going through post-production are pondering a retrofitted 3-D experience. The world of film may not change long-term, but for now, this is the technology much of the movie industry have been waiting to see if anyone could have great success with, especially since attendance at theaters had been dwindling a bit and they were looking to give people a reason to pay $8 bucks for popcorn and a Coke. Leave it to the tech geek Cameron to blast the doors wide open.

The film itself? I loved it. It’s an entertaining thrill-ride with a familiar story and jaw dropping special effects that never slows down in its long runtime. A surprisingly smart blockbuster film that can be heavy handed in its themes but they can be taken and left at the door. Did it deserve the Golden Globe it recently picked up? Not in my mind, but it is a very good film judged on it’s own merits. Oh, and those doors Cameron blasted open? They are waiting for a sequel (or two), and I will be one of the first in line to watch.

By and large, I think most people walked away from the film impressed and the sheer boxoffice gross speaks for itself. Yes, it was helped by the extra fees attached to 3-D screenings (the absolutely preferred method of viewing this film), but word-of-mouth propelled this from just a hit to a major boxoffice event. Will it ever reach the sheer attendance figures of Gone with the Wind, Star Wars, or even Titanic? Who knows, but we are talking about today’s dollars and entertainment world, where video games, music, cell phones, home video, internet, and any number of distractions now vie for our precious 24-hour day. Additionally, the film drew in nearly $35 million this past weekend. That is a good opening weekend gross for alot of films, and Avatar did it on it’s sixth weekend in release.

Now let’s just hope Cameron doesn’t take over a decade to release his next film.


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