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The Daily Cinema: “Night of the Living Dead”

“Night of the Living Dead” is a classic horror film that is newer than one might think. Filmed in 1968, George A. Romero’s classic is black and white and low-budget. However, the film does hold up relatively well, and showcases the old-school zombies—you know, the ones that stumble around and move slow.

For the full review, hit the jump.

We are dropped into a normal world where Barbara and her brother are visiting the grave of their father. However, she has to flee from a single flesh-eating zombie after it attacks her brother with no explanation as to what is happening. As she retreats, she finds a farmhouse and barricades herself inside. Later joined by a stranger named Ben, they are in for a rough night as the relentless zombies outside increase in number and cunning.

Now, the film isn’t all that scary, but it is relatively intense for a black and white film. Overall, the film doesn’t provide alot of scares but focuses on mood and atmosphere. Had it been in color, the film might have looked more cheap than scary, so we are better off for it. Finally, the film is short, only running 98 minutes, which is a blessing.

Cheesy? Yes. Fun? Yes. A classic? Perhaps. However you want to look at the movie, it is aimed at horror fans that can deal with the ups and the downs of a horror legend’s first film.


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