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The Daily Cinema: “Daybreakers”

“Daybreakers” is a smarter than expected twist on the vampire genre that provides an interesting premise with a ton of stylistic violence and a rich world that outperforms the small budget with expert acting, but the film starts to lose steam as it comes to its sudden climax and gives the  feeling that this could have been so much more. However, the Spierig brothers certainly show the vampire mythology is far from being buried in the grave.

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From the outset, we are engrossed in a world overrun by vampires that has a thought provoking concept: What happens when humans become extinct? The race is on to find a blood substitute to eliminate the need to farm the dwindling human food supply, and that is where Edward (Ethan Hawke) comes into play. Working at Bromley Marks, the largest human harvesting company in the U.S. run by Charles Bromley (Sam Neil), Edward is the chief blood scientist who is trying to find a replacement.

Edward is a tortured immortal (god this sounds like Twilight the more I write about his character) that feels compassion for the human survivors when he is brought to the forefront of a breakthrough solution. Elvis (Willem Dafoe) and Audrey (Claudia Karvan) lead the human resistance fighters and it is Elvis that is the key.

The world that “Daybreakers” creates finally answers the question of what would happen if bloodsuckers took over the world, and we see that life largely goes on—just out of the daylight and mostly underground. We are even treated to daylight travel by vehicles retrofitted with shields to block the light and cameras mounted around the vehicle to show where you are going. These are the small details that help the film feel larger than the budget might allow.

However, the final third of the film are when these ideas start to unravel and I can’t help but feel that there was so much more potential in terms of action and story that was left out. Additionally, there are burning questions about the plot and why humans defending themselves insist on using the antiquated cross-bows. Ultimately, for such a short film, running only 98 minutes, the ride is worth the price of admission if you are looking to reinvigorate your interest in the vampire genre or just simply looking for a fun ride that has a good mixture of brains and lots of blood. I mean lots.


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