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Interestin’ News: Jackie Earle Haley Still In “Green Lantern”?

Drew at HitFix did a little detective work and found nothing to suggest that Jackie Earle Hayley’s rumored role as Sinestro in Martin Campbell’s “Green Lantern” is over. In fact, it is a very real possibility, but perhaps in a much smaller way—for now.

As Drew mentions so elegantly, the plot reads like a “Wikipedia page” and is “overstuffed with characters.” With Peter Sarsgaard already tapped for the super-villain Hector Hammond, the likelihood that Sinestro will have a full fledged role in the first film is very small.

For the full details, including the cast and release date, hit the jump.

However, as Drew rambles on, he mentions that Haley has been working with Warner Bros. Pictures of late, including last year’s role as Rorschach in “Watchmen” and the upcoming “A Nightmare on Elm Street” remake, in which Haley plays none other than the dream terrorizing creep Freddy Krueger.

They are reportedly very pleased with Haley, so it only makes sense that he is their singular choice whenever they decide to bring the character to the silver screen. And so, we have the very real possibility that Haley will be set up in the film to play Sinestro in future installments.

All of this just adds to my excitement, as Ryan Reynolds is set to star as the Lantern himself, Hal Jordan. Joining him will be Blake Lively, an interesting choice for Carol Ferris. The real reason my excitement is so high is because director Martin Campell—”Casino Royale,” “Vertical Limit,” and “GoldenEye” all are to his credit so far.

So, while “Casino Royale” happens to be one of my favorite films of the past decade, with a great cast so far this film is high on my list. “Green Lantern” is set to release on June 17, 2011.


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