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The Daily Cinema: “Son of Rambow”

“Son of Rambow” has garnered quite a following since it’s release in 2007. For a small film with an odd premise and story, it has found quite alot of underground success and I thoroughly enjoyed the adolescent story line and the religious undercurrent.

If the mention of the religious theme puts you off, don’t let it. You can take the film as is, and really it is more of a theme that puts certain religious sects in a bad light, coming off as a controlling entity that tries to oppress the youth.

As for the storyline itself, set in the 80’s in England, Will, the son of a widow in the Plymouth Brethren religious group, is shut off from the world of movies, TV, music, and isn’t allowed to mix with the other children of his school. However, when he meets Lee Carter, the school cut up, Will’s world is blown wide-open as he witnesses “Rambo: First Blood” in pirated form on Carter’s TV.

From here, the story unfolds rapidly as Will’s imagination runs free and he wants to make a movie, Carter’s amateur specialty, about him being the son of “rambow.” From here, an unlikely friendship blooms and throughout we are shown the pressures that adults and the world around us can have on the youth.

However, this is more of a celebration of youth than the uncovering of the hardships, as the imagination and enthusiasm Will and Carter have is sure to affect all audiences.

Of course, as with any movie heavily involving young characters, the film largely balances on the acting of the kids. For this, we can be glad that director Garth Jennings found some truly wonderful young actors to portray Will and Lee Carter. Will has the childlike awe you would expect to see when his walls are knocked down, and Lee Carter is delightfully immature.

All of this mixes with a wonderful script by Jennings to give a touching and humorous ode to childhood and film.


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