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The Daily Cinema: “Primer”

“Primer” is a small film with an interesting premise that has gained wide acclaim and the infamous “cult” status. Shane Carruth proves to be a jack of all trades, as he was producer, director, writer, composer, sound department, production designer, casting director, and editor on his film.

This is Carruth’s work, through and through, and leads to an uncompromising vision that feels refreshingly clear. The dialogue is complex with alot of technical jargon throughout the film, but the narration is our one guiding light that shines a flashlight on exactly what is going on.

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If you haven’t guessed or heard by now, “Primer” is a science fiction film. A group of four friends are trying to make it big with experiments, until they suddenly stumble upon a device that appears to be able to transport objects in time. With this knowledge, these brains are suddenly given the power to make ethical decisions on events in their recent past that has devastating consequences.

Through the film’s 77 minute run-time, we are given a complex narrative that explores alternate time lines, time paradoxes, and everything a geek can imagine. The heart of the film is the twist towards the end, and as it is a short film, there isn’t much to work through to get to the satisfying payoff.

“Primer” is a thinking man’s (or woman’s) science fiction film, so don’t expect the film to hold your hand. The film begs for repeat viewings, and again, because of the length, it should be a breeze and a pleasure.


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