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For Love of Screenwriters: “Zombieland” Team Makes Rounds

“Zombieland” came out of nowhere to steal alot of audiences’ hearts, with the refreshing take on zombie mayhem, a genius script, and an excellent cast. Over the  past few weeks, with news that James Vanderbilt would be the only thing sticking around for the Spider-Man reboot, we know that screenwriters are being given their due. FINALLY.

To read what the “Zombieland” team is up to and more love for screenwriters, hit the jump.

Let’s face it, these unheralded behind-the-lines personnel can truly make or break a film, as a director can only do so much with a bad script. Often times, it is why you see so many directors writer their own material, like the brother tandems of Ethan and Joel Coen along with Christopher and Robert Nolan. Hell, even James Cameron writes most of his own scripts, like it or not.

Last week, we learned that the “Zombieland” scribes, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, would be given the scripting duties for the upcoming “Deadpool” film, set to star sex kitten Ryan Reynolds. My friends at Collider also broke the news that Reese and Wernick would be writing the script for the sequel to “G.I. Joe” as well.

What does this mean!? That the second Joe might actually surpass the first. Okay, that wasn’t too high of a goal, as I gave it a mixed review. However, “Deadpool,” known for the main character’s sarcastic humor (his nickname is, “the merc with the mouth”), should really benefit from the hiring as well.

This shows that if you create a nice property with a clever script, expect Hollywood to come calling down the line. Just like with Vanderbilt before them, Reese and Wernick are getting their rewards. So, keep your head up script writers, people notice and people care, which can result in you writing for big name properties (if that is your goal).


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