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The Daily Cinema: “Vertigo”

“Vertigo” happens to be one of those classic films that needs time to get going, but once it starts getting interesting, Alfred Hitchcock throws us enough twists and turns to keep the ending fresh and unexpected.

The film starts off quickly, with John Ferguson (James Stewart) chasing a crook across rooftops before failing to fully clear a jump. Suddenly, he has an instance of vertigo and from there on, decides to retire from the police force. However, a friend calls upon him for one last favor—to tail his wife, Madeleine (Kim Novak), and find out what she does all day. Naturally, Madeleine also happens to be immensely attractive.

That seems pretty ordinary, until it is revealed that Ferguson’s friends suspects Madeleine is possessed by a person from the past, and that she often can’t remember where she had gone or done during a large portion of the day. If that sounds interesting enough, the film has you hooked already.

For me, it took a few more turns before I was fully engrossed, but the movie was involving well before that. Stewart happens to be perfectly adept at playing a curious but cautious detective, following Novak around with increasing relish.

Running just over two hours, the film gives enough room to come to a satisfying conclusion. Overall, “Vertigo” has the Hitchcock stamp of quality and is an enjoyable experience, from beginning to end.


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