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The Hype For A Little Film Called ‘Avatar’

Today, all over the world (well, in Texas, Vancouver, and London at least to my knowledge) press screenings and world premieres (HeyUGuys blog has images and photos) were held for James Cameron’s film “Avatar”. Perhaps you have heard of it?

If not, well, prepare to hear about it as the film hits the US on December 18th. The hype machine had come to nearly a screeching halt earlier this fall thanks in no small part to cynics and a few thoughtful opinions, while initial anticipation was sky high.

However, it appears that despite review embargoes by many in the press, they are letting their feelings be known in 140 characters or less (sometimes more) and it seems to range from absurdly positive to expletive driven awesome.

Before yall go crazy, none of these tweets spoil the movie (the backlash from that would be incredibly swift) but temper your own expectations lest you go into the 3-D film with impossibly high expectations (and fall from one of those floating islands).

After the jump are a few choice tweets (nary a mention of the PG-13 rating):

DrewAtHitFix: “I think the most accurate way to say it would be OMFGOMFGOMFG. Or words that effect.”

FirstShowing: “James Cameron is a freakin’ genius! I can’t say much but wow, I loved it. Avatar was phenomenal, pretty much blew me away.”

rejects: “It’s impossible to say that something is a “gamechanger” or that it will “redefine” movies. But I can say that I’ve seen something I’ve never seen before. And that I’ve seen something that shows the potential for the craft of filmmaking in this new century.”

ComingSoonNet: “Okay, about Avatar?…. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! Unbelievable… amazing.”

JamesRocchi: “Somewhere, somehow, Michael Bay is crying into his beard.” (Take from that what you will. Sounds like epic set pieces to me, even if there is a hint of snark)

massawyrm: “So I just got back from a movie. It was pretty great…if by pretty great I mean OMFGHOLYF**KINGS**TOMGOMGOMG. Because that’s what it was.”

Even a cynic of previous footage had this to say- sizemore: “So *that* was James Cameron’s AVATAR. Holy f**king f**k.”

So, although I was already planning on seeing the film, I am happy to hear initial reactions are pretty positive. Just remember, go see this in 3-D!


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