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Rumors: Villainess In Raimi’s Spidey 4? Let’s Clear The Air

760034-169018_183156_black_cat_super_largeYesterday, there was a hailstorm of rumors about casting in Sam Raimi’s upcoming Spider-Man 4, and the first surrounded the rumor that Rachel McAdams is in talks to don the costume of the Black Cat, an anti-hero/tease of Spider-Man. If you recall, Black Cat is a striking blonde named Felicia Hardy who becomes a silver-haired burglar as the Black Cat. Hardy and Peter Parker (Spidey) have a tumultuous flirtatious friendship as their alter-egos, even at some points becoming lovers.

Yesterday also saw /Film come out with actual confirmation that Raimi was casting the film (ok, duh). They also said they had confirmation, through a web link, that there was a new female lead being cast (lead? we will see, rumor mill). However, if that lead is a villain, let alone Black Cat, has not even been confirmed by said mysterious web link.

RomolaAlso of note was news that Romola Garai, a 27-year-old actress known for her roles in Amazing Grace, Angel, and BBC’s Emma, had auditioned for a role. You see, Garai was recently featured in The Observer in which she detailed the following:

“‘Love is at the root of everything good that has ever happened and will happen.’ This phrase swam into focus as I moved up the escalator at Oxford Circus tube on Tuesday morning on my way to put myself ‘on tape’ for a part in Spider-Man 4. This is the acting equivalent of the London Marathon in that it’s important to try your best as long as you understand that you aren’t going to win.”

Now, here is my attempt to sift through this mess. DylanBakerFirst, Sam Raimi has admitted that Spider-Man 3 was a mess, telling DVD & Blu-Ray Review via Coventry Telegraph, “I think having so many villains detracted from the experience. I would agree with the criticism.'” With that in mind, many have assumed he would be limiting the villains in Spidey 4. Also note that Dylan Baker will be returning as Dr. Curt Connors, who eventually turns into The Lizard in the comics. Will Baker be turning into The Lizard? Who knows.

What I can tell you is that nothing has been announced, besides the fact that Garai has auditioned for some part she doesn’t feel like she will be winning, and that Baker will return as Dr Connors.

First Showing’s Ethan Anderton also is doubtful of most of these rumors, stating that Kirsten Dunst won’t likely be put off to the side to make room for another female lead (she is still involved, and his sources say that she isn’t taking a pay cut). So female lead might not be the proper term for this rumor, if it even is true. Second, Bryce Dallas Howard had a supporting role of an enormous character named Gwen Stacy in Spidey 3. Her role was not as significant as it was in the comics, but who knows what lies in store for that character at this point anyways.

Anderton also mentions that he is hearing details that Mania didn’t pump enough in their own article, and that was, “Sam Raimi and Co.] are [also] casting for a male villain…”.

blackcatlizardspideyPersonally, I don’t see Garai filling a headliner role in this , especially if her rumored competition is McAdams (perhaps that is why she isn’t optimistic?). Additionally, I don’t feel Black Cat would be a great single villain in this, so either Baker would actually turn into The Lizard or a new male villain will emerge. We will see where these rumors lead.

So, to recap, at this point we know three things for certain:

1. Romola Garai taped for a role

2. Dylan Baker will return as Dr. Connors

3. Sam Raimi is casting the film


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  2. OMG loved reading your post. I added your rss to my reader!

    Comment by bloofunsose | December 11, 2009 | Reply

    • Thanks. I tried to make sure I broke it down well.

      Comment by Bill Graham | December 11, 2009 | Reply

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