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Interestin’ News: Amazon’s $20 Blu-ray/DVD “Up” Combo Pack

51V+eipy8-L._SS400_Amazon is making a strong push to grab at least $20 and change from you, as they have the fantastic Pixar film “Up” on sale in a 4-disc set for pre-order. Set for release on November 10, this bundle includes all the special features you can imagine, a digital copy of the film for your computer, and both the DVD and Blu-ray version of the film. Yes, that is right, a mere $20 bucks for both the Blu and DVD.

Amazon values the package at $45.99, but has knocked it down to $19.99 in a clear effort to sell some copies. The purchase also qualifies for the free shipping offer is you can find $5 more to spend to get the total over $25. Adding icing to the cake, Amazon is offering a $10 discount on select (aka Disney) Blu-ray titles.

Some of you might remember that “Up” was the first Pixar film to release in Disney Digital 3-D, and while my viewing in the theater was amazing, they won’t be bringing this film to 3-D for the home viewer. Certainly a shame, but the film, as evidenced by it’s 98% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, is fantastic by itself without the extra dimension. Not to mention the technology just isn’t there right now to keep the same quality in the conversion from theater-to-TV in terms of 3-D.

The film itself is wonderfully touching (might want some tissues) but also has plenty of laughs. Many have called the film Pixar’s most mature to date, and this is in terms of the life issues and questions, not the situations encountered. After all, there is a talking dog named Doug and a giant Toucan-like bird. Oh, and did I mention that the main characters fly to South America in a house lifted by thousands of balloons? Yea, this is definitely a Pixar film, so viewers of all ages will be entertained.

So, if you haven’t seen the film yet, or can’t wait to view it again, this is definitely a deal to spring for.


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