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Gotta’ See Trailers: ‘Up In The Air’, ‘Bronson’

20090908_upinair_560x329I know I have gushed about Jason Reitman’s upcoming drama “Up In The Air” in the past, but I truly feel that the film will be something special, just like his fantastic “Thank You For Smoking”. Now, we finally get a full on theatrical trailer. So, although Apple (who hordes trailers like no other) only gives me the ability to link you to their site to watch this fantastic trailer, I implore you to do so. Air will land in theaters on Dec. 4 in limited release before expanding to wide release on Dec. 25.

Meanwhile, there is a fantastic trailer for a foreign film called “Bronson”. Having already played overseas, the 2008 film tells the story of a prisoner named Michael Petersen, who, after being thrown in jail in 1974 for attempted robbery of a post office, has extended his stay from 7 years to 34 years. Much of that time, 30 to be exact, was actually spent in solitary confinement which gave birth to the alter ego ‘Charles Bronson’. This is an inside look at the mind of Bronson.

bronson_mSo far, the film has gathered quite a following online, and stands at 70% with 23 reviews. Some are calling it a putrid celebration of violence , while others have noted the commentary on celebrity culture while also likening it to Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange”. To make up for the lack of the embedded trailer for “Up In The Air”, I give you two trailers for “Bronson”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The second trailer is after the jump. Look for this film to have limited release in the US beginning Oct. 9 with Magnet distributing. I expect it to hit various VOD services around the same time. Vodpod videos no longer available.


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