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Breakin’ News: ‘Watchmen’ Ultimate Cut Release Date, Prices


See all THAT!? Well, the “Crazy Ultimate Freaky Edition” of Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen” has been revealed. For those that have been following the numerous DVD/Blu-ray installments of “Watchmen” you knew that this ultimate cut was coming, and now you know it will be released on Nov. 3 (update) Nov. 10 for $43.87 (DVD) and $59.99 (Blu-ray). For those unlucky few that didnt know, you were surely confused by the seemingly endless pieces of the Watchmen universe that kept appearing.

This edition, the last and final one if Warner Bros. sticks to their plan, has collected virtually everything that has already come out, and even has an added bonus. You see, the original graphic novel had an interwoven side-story that was left out of the theatrical release and even the director’s cut. So, this new version actually re-implements that side-story into the director’s cut version of the film.

For more information, images, and my thoughts, hit the jump. zz304120d2-550x551

Some may wonder what this version actually includes. So, here is a bullet list:

Disc 1: Film

  • Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut Film
  • Audio Commentary with Zack Snyder and Dave Gibbons

Disc 2: Special Features

  • The Phenomenon: The Comic that Changed Comics
  • Real Super Heroes, Real Vigilantes
  • Mechanics: Technologies of a Fantastic World
  • Watchmen: Video Journals
  • My Chemical Romance “Desolation Row”
  • Under The Hood
  • Story Within A Story: The Books of Watchmen

Disc 3: Digital Copy of the Theatrical Version
Disc 4: Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic (split into two discs on DVD)

Personally, I am holding out until I figure out if this version will have the ability to play the director’s cut alone. If so, this will be a must-have. Zack Snyder has already said that he prefers the director’s cut version. If you didn’t catch it in theaters, I recommend reading the graphic novel first and then delving into the theatrical version and perhaps moving to the other cuts later. The theatrical version, while not perfect, was really well done and perhaps the best that any director adapting this massive work could have done and still had it release in theaters.

There are a few goodies that this ultimate cut doesn’t carry over from the director’s cut version, but it adds in exclusive audio commentary and the “Under the Hood” side story as well. Certainly, if you want to see EVERY piece of the graphic novel meticulously brought to motion, this is the version to have.



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  1. […] Over a month ago, I detailed the release date and pricing for Zak Snyder’s “Watchmen” Ultimate Cut. Since I took a leave of absence, it appears that I missed the news that the release date had changed from Nov. 3 to Nov. 10. Why? I have yet to discover the cause, but apparently those who pre-ordered on Amazon were sent an email notifying them of the delay no later than Nov. 1. A little short notice, but it is finally here. […]

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