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Breakin’ News: Aronofsky Eyes World’s Largest Heist For Film

According to /Film, Darren Aronofsky, who most recently directed the award winning film “The Wrestler”, is preparing an adaptation of an upcoming book about the world’s largest robbery. Estimated at $68 million, the 2006 heist in Britain is the true life story of the robbery of the Securitas company’s cash warehouse.

On Wednesday, 22 February 2006, GBP53 million in bank notes was stolen from a cash warehouse belonging to the Securitas company in Tonbridge, Kent — a sum of money so vast that if the notes were stacked up they would equal the height of high-rise building. In terms of value, the Tonbridge Securitas robbery puts all previous famous British capers, such as the Great Train Robbery and the Brink’s-Mat bullion heist, in the shade; it also overshadows similar robberies overseas. Only in times of war have larger cash sums been stolen. This was a crime notable for its audacity, carried out in a small town in the Garden of England. A large number of people have been charged in connection with the Tonbridge robbery, with eleven men and women standing trial at the Old Bailey in summer 2007. Further details cannot be revealed at this stage, for legal reasons, but the full story will be told in Heist, by the author of one of the most successful true crime titles of recent years. Full of jaw-dropping detail and full of narrative pace, it will be the definitive account of these strange and compelling events.

Kerry Williamson, who wrote the script for Alexander Payne’s “Fork in the Road”,  is set to adapt while Aronofsky might be directing the film. No word yet on when the film might go into production.


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