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Reviewin’ For You: ‘The Informant!’


“The Informant!” stars Matt Damon in one of his zaniest roles to date with a twisted-yet-humorous tale of a VP turned informant that can’t keep his story straight. Quirky and full of satire, this fast-paced film spoofs whistle-blowers while adding commentary on what someone might have to gain, or lose, by being honest.

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To call the latest from director Steven Soderbergh smart and funny wouldn’t do the film justice. You have to go into detail and it’s the small touches by all involved that elevates the pic far beyond mediocrity, including the mustache, hairpiece, and 30 pounds Damon gained for the role.

Damon plays Mark Whitacre, a vice president and well educated bio-chemist at ADM who turns informant for the FBI. Whitacre seems all too happy to come clean, but what the FBI doesn’t realize is that their key witness isn’t quite what he seems.

The film isn’t for everyone. The nature of the comedy can be off-putting for some, but for those that “get it,” there is an rewarding experience waiting for you. The film feels like a Coen Brothers feature in the sense of humor and the shenanigans that the main character ends up in.

Soderbergh utilizes multiple comedic actors, including a great bit role for Patton Oswalt, to provide a great surrounding for Damon. The film itself opens with a humorous disclaimer that should receive lots of laughs and one of the best touches is the inclusion of the thoughts of Whitacre throughout that shows his brain is constantly working even while people are talking to him.

The music is upbeat and conjures smiles in the way it is implemented. Meanwhile, the cinematography at times seems washed out, but the film is shot well overall. Clockin’ in at 108 minutes, the film moves quickly and never slows down.

So far “Informant” has a 78% Fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes with nearly 97 reviews and I highly recommend the film to anyone looking for a workout for your brain and funny bone.


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