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Breakin’ News: ‘The Road’ Detoured ‘Til Thanksgiving (Rumor)

Now, file this under rumor right now; Box Office Mojo hasn’t shown any schedule changes yet. However, /Film writer Peter Sciretta is reporting that local reps for Dimension Films (co-distributor) are alerting him to a new Nov. 25 release date instead of the previous Oct. 16 opening.

Continue on to read what “The Road” might be up against and why this might be more than just a rumor.

So far no one else seems to be picking up on this news. Why? I don’t know. However, what makes it seem all the more plausible is the fact that The Weinstein Company has continuously shuffled and reshuffled its deck of movies, delaying the filming of many. TWC  has also mucked with “The Road” in the past, pushing the film back from a Nov., 2008 release to a December bow, and then to the aforementioned October date, and now (reportedly) to November of this year.

What exactly the Weinstein’s are thinking is beyond me. The Nov. 25 opening puts it in the middle of their own musical “Nine” (wide) while also butting heads with “Ninja Assassin” (wide), “Old Dogs” (wide), the L.A. and N.Y.C. premiere of “The Princess and the Frog”, and finally the wide expansion of “The Fantastic Mr. Fox”. All five of the films here should do well at the box office, meaning that none of them will likely excel.

Compare that crowded calendar to the Oct. 16 release schedule of “Law Abiding Citizen” (wide), “Where the Wild Things Are” (wide), “The Stepfather” (wide), “New York, I Love You” (limited), the possible wide expansion of “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell”, and the limited expansion of “More Than a Game”. ‘Citizen’ and ‘Wild Things’ provide the only true match, while the rest have lower profiles.

If anything, Oct. 9 seems to be the cushiest release date spot with the PG-13 aimed comedy “Couples Retreat” (wide) and the horror flick “Night of the Demons” (wide) being the highest profile releases.
Meanwhile, TWC isn’t the only company that needs to be checked for a loose screw. Last month, Paramount pushed “Shutter Island” to its goofy February debut next year instead of the planned Oct. 2 bow this year.


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