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Reviewin’ For You: Tyson

tyson_posterI know, I know. This film has been out and has had mountains of praise lavished upon it. However, I don’t think I can stress this enough: SEE THIS FILM! Now! Stop what you are doing, go to your local video store and ask for it. If they don’t have it, buy it! Tomorrow, I’m actually going to buy it myself.

Now, I know what some of yall (I’m from Texas, damnit) are saying to yourselves; “I despise Tyson/boxing/documentaries, why would I see this film?” Well, you would probably be surprised by how much it affects you. Many have been brought to tears, many have cheered, and many more have walked away from this film with a new found respect for Mike Tyson and a new outlook on reading a book by its cover.

Is it uplifting? Yes. Is it also dark? Absolutely. Is it powerful? Without a doubt. After all, you are given unprecedented access by James Toback to one of the most controversial athletes this world has ever seen. Toback has a friendship and respect with Tyson that allowed him to get Tyson to open up, and clear the air a bit. We are given the highs and the lows of Tyson’s life, all in his voice or previous footage of Tyson.

If you think there are punches being pulled, make no mistake; Tyson lays it all out in the open, for you and I to judge. He has opened himself to scrutiny and praise, and you have to give the man a ton of respect for doing such a thing when he is so reviled and detested by so many.

The film follows a linear progression but does so with grace, changing locations, view points, and various other methods to get across to the viewer what is going on inside Tyson’s head.

I implore you to give this film a chance. Take a risk. It’s an hour and a half and if you aren’t hooked within the first 15-20 minutes, never take my advice again.



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