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Breakin’ News: New Line, Tolkien Trust Settle Over LOTR Films

Yes, that joint lawsuit by the Tolkien Trust and HarperCollins Publishers Ltd. filed back in Feb. 2008 has finally been resolved. The terms? Well, they’re classified of course. What is important is to know that those two films based on “The Hobbit” with director Guillermo del Toro at the helm can now proceed. Thank goodness, cuz Del Toro was already in New Zealand, though shooting is not planned until 2010.

You see, that lawsuit was filed because New Line apparently had been skirting their end of the deal to pay up 7.5% of gross profit to the Tolkien Trust (a UK charity set up by the trustees of the JRR Tolkien Estate), among other things. While 7.5% doesn’t sound like a large sum of money to pay, when you consider that the three films, released in 2001, 2002 and 2003, have made nearly $6 billion, it turns into a large piece of New Line’s pie.

New Line had already had prior litigation brought against them before, most recently when the director of the trilogy, Peter Jackson, claimed that he was not given the proper amount of profit participation. That ended poorly, with New Line saying that Jackson would never direct future LOTR films (he is producing and co-screenwriting the two Hobbit films).


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