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Breakin’ News: Fox To Reboot ‘Fantastic Four’; It’s Clobberin’ Time!

Fantastic FourAccording to Variety, Twentieth Century Fox will be participating in the in-vogue approach to making money off of established franchises; reboot it. Fox has made two films under the Fantastic Four brand and has hired Akiva Goldsman to produce the reboot and watch over it.

Join me after the break to find out who is writing the script and if the cast will return.

Relative newcomer Michael Green will pen the script, who co-wrote the DC Comics’ “Green Lantern” film adaptation. Both 2005’s “Fantastic Four” (26%) and 2007’s “The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” (36%) had Tim Story at the helm, with Jessica Alba, Ioan Gruffud, Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis starring.

So far, no word on whether they will be resigned for the restart.

Personally, I’m glad. I hope that Green turns in a top-notch script so that the Fantastic Four franchise can get the story it deserves. I also hope they go for a better lineup of actors; Chiklis, the best actor of the bunch, was incredibly limited in his role as Thing.


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