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More Pirates? Spielberg Says Yarrr!

big-piratelatitudesAccording to Variety, Steven Spielberg and DreamWorks are planning to bring Michael Crichton’s first posthumous novel —”Pirate Latitudes”—to life.

Tasked with adapting the novel is David Koepp, a familiar Crichton and Spielberg collaborator. Koepp adapted and Spielberg directed “Jurassic Park” and “The Lost World”, both based on the Crichton novels of the same name. No word yet on whether Spielberg will also direct this film, but he is set to produce.

The New York Times, reporting in early April, said that “Latitudes” was found on Crichton’s computer by his assistant and required very little editing. HarperCollins plans to publish the novel on Nov. 24, while they are working on finishing another book Mr. Crichton was working on when he passed away from cancer in November.

Set in 1665 around the Caribbean, “Latitudes” is an adventure story that focuses on a pirate, Captain Edward Hunter, and his scheme to infiltrate a nearby Spanish island named Matanceros and steal the Spanish galleon, El Trinidad, rumored to be ported there. With the help of the Jamaican governor, Hunter gathers a group of bandits and plans to attack the Spanish infantry and the cutthroat commander Cazalla, tasked with guarding the fortune of gold in El Trinidad. However, hijacking the galleon is only the beginning of Hunter’s adventure.

ComingSoon reports that they will wait for the Koepp script to be finished before setting sail on the project.


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